Ralph Sliwinski

'Devis Prish' opens promising with reserved twitter on acid, dominant basslines, smacking sound chips and an unyielding beat. The track 'Ermal Denker' cant hold back to roar out a straight pumping beat and threateningly resounding drums. 'Touchable' seems to murmur deeply satisfied and pumps snuffling and smacking muddy waste water across chrome-flashing steel tubes.


Of course you might have heard of that talented producer, formerly home based in UK. If you dont, now youll never forget him! After some wonderful and massive releases on different labels Noreuil is putting out his long expected EP on Front Rec.


Lets welcome GMR to Front Rec! A fantastic musician who has proven himself over and over again with various Eps. And here he is, deciding to prove himself again on Front Rec with his latest EP called: Eleonor 13. Deepness and funky rhythms is the key with this EP. You can find title track 'Eleonor 13' which has also been elegantly remixed by the well known Mentalic.

Greenbeam & Leon

Like all their various pseudonyms, Greenbeam & Leon's project deliberately strays from the pack rejecting the path of least resistance in order to pursue an altogether more complex agenda. Ace Of Spades EP skirts the darker side of the moon as Greenbeam & Leon implement another memorable motif that lies somewhere between the realms of music and speech.

Martin Eyerer

FD018 - Top tech tools! I will use in my radio show.

Tim Xavier

FD016 - Excellent! I'm into this one, can't wait to DL, keep up the good work :) Viva the sunshine!

Stephan Bodzin

FD020 - Dapayk's blob is my pick. Great tune, love his unique signature a lot.

About Front Rec

Front Rec is a Georgian, digital electronic music
label founded in 2007.

Its objectives are compositions like minimal techno
techno, tech-house and everything in between.

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